The Rules Estheticians Constantly Follow in Professional Skin Care

How can you be sure that the skin advice is tested and proven? If the advice comes from the experts themselves, of course! We’re always interested in what the health buffs eat, what the fashion designer wears, and what the estheticians do to care for their skin because these experts know what they are doing. Any meal plan, wardrobe ideas and skin care recommended by the experts themselves are taken as some of the most effective advice straight away. See more at 美顔器 口コミ

As for estheticians, here are some of the skin care recommended routines and advice they always follow:

1.       Always make time to treat your skin.

2.       Never forget to wear SPF 30 or higher on your face every day.

3.       Never prick and pick on pimples or zits.

4.       Cleanse your face carefully but smartly at all times.

5.       Always be knowledgeable on the order of the products you apply on your face.

6.       Never overlook moisturizing your face.

7.       Experiment with unconventional but personal ways on how to achieve a healthy looking skin. See more at 人気美顔器を実際に購入し比較

8.       Take advantage of retinol to encourage better collagen production and cell turnover for your skin.


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